5 must-know secrets when visiting shopping malls with your partner

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5 must-know secrets when visiting shopping malls with your partner

Most men despise shopping. It might be a stereotype for some, but it’s certainly true in most cases. This can be tricky when women love to splurge on items when they find the opportunity to do so, which is why most women choose to shop alone and without their partners. But it doesn’t have to be this way if you have the right approach.

If you want to bring your partner along with you, you need to know how to keep them interested and occupied throughout your shopping spree. Your trip to the mall can be as fun as you make it, you just need to know what to avoid. So, take into consideration their feelings when shopping, and try to compromise on behalf of both of you. Keep things short and sweet, without dragging out your trip unnecessarily. Here are a few other tips to consider when shopping with your partner:


Plan your shopping trip in advance

When you decide to visit shopping malls in Cape Town or elsewhere in South Africa for that matter, make a list of the places you want to visit and what you’d like to buy. Especially if you’re travelling from far. When you have a set plan, you will avoid having to window shop, which is usually what leads to your partner becoming bored or agitated. If you want to buy a particular dress, be sure to visit the right store for that particular item and leave thereafter. Unless your partner doesn’t mind spending hours in the shops, you will be able to look around for longer. But nine out of 10 times, your partner will want to get the process over with, without having to wait around for you to waste more time “looking”.


Take regular breaks between shops

If you enjoy shopping, you’re probably used to spending hours on your feet walking from shop to shop. But men, on the other hand, are not used to this. So, take into consideration how your partner feels and try to prevent them from becoming bored by taking regular breaks. You can even choose to leave the mall as there are plenty of restaurants in Cape Town and coffee shops in the Mother City to visit where you can sit down and rest your feet.

Often times, if you leave the mall, you won’t want to return shortly after. So, it’s recommended that you take your break at the mall. Make sure that they are comfortable in continuing after the break, and if you can see they are ready to go home, try to come up with a compromise. You don’t want to make their experience so unpleasant that they regret joining you for the shopping spree. If they feel uncomfortable, change your plans to suit them too.


Treat them to a gift of their own

Something that could make the process better is treating your partner to an item of their choice. This will speed up the time and it will motivate them to actively search and involve themselves in the shopping process because they will be also be looking for something that interests them, like clothing or electronics.

On the other hand, if your partner decides to assist you with payment on certain purchases, it’s up to you to agree to it. But do not bring your partner to the biggest mall in Cape Town and think that they are going to pay for your items as this could lead to an unnecessary argument. It might also offend your partner and cause for them to not want to join you at the mall again.


Limit your time in one place

You should try not to visit the same store more than once. Unless absolutely necessary. While women like to walk around shopping centres without actually spending money in every store, they might end up going back to stores they have visited to finally buy what they want.

Try not to be as indecisive when you have your partner with you, and make sure that you take the least amount of time when revisiting stores. For this particular reason, it’s important to make your shopping list in advance and research items online that you might be interested in buying. This speeds up the entire process and also ensures that you are not wasting time and annoying your partner.


Remember to say thank you

At the end of the shopping experience, show your partner gratitude for coming with you. A small “thank you” can go a long way and they will appreciate your kind words. A gift will take you even further. If your partner knows that their presence with you in the shops makes you happy and that you shop quickly, according to plan, they will be more willing to join you on more shopping sprees in the future. If they bought you something, this is even more reason to thank them.

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