Why you want to visit the Canal Walk shopping mall in Cape Town

Canal Walk shopping mall - Cape TownCanal Walk shopping mall - Cape Town
Canal Walk shopping mall - Cape TownCanal Walk shopping mall - Cape Town


Why you want to visit the Canal Walk shopping mall in Cape Town

Shopping isn’t everyone’s favourite activity. Unless it’s at a shopping mall that offers something more than just retail stores. Canal Walk is one of those Cape Town shopping malls with more. It’s a place you can take the entire family to and everyone will find something to make their hearts happy.

The first reason why you would want to visit Canal Walk is that it’s located in the beautiful city of Cape Town and is easily accessible from the N1. You’ll pass it to and from the city so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stop over and see what it has to offer. But for more compelling reasons why you want to spend an hour (or a few) in this shopping centre, read a bit further.


For the stores

Because it is a shopping mall, we are going to mention that its stores are one of the reasons why you should visit – even though they aren’t the only offering from the mall. Canal Walk has over 400 retail stores for you to visit and browse through with both local and internationally loved brands.

It’s one of the few malls in Cape Town where you’re likely to find everything you need from groceries to camping gear, shoes, bedroom furniture, electronics, spa treatments and occasional suits to travel luggage. The product and service offering of this mall is so vast that it’s easy to spend more than an hour devoted to only one section of the mall.   


For the “exercise”

Canal Walk is 141 000 square metres of retail space with a lower and upper level of stores for your shopping convenience and exercise. Walking around the entire mall can easily help you to reach your 10 000 steps target for the day, especially if you aren’t familiar with the map and store locations.   

And if you’re looking for some real exercise in the area while you wait for your partner to finish their shopping errands, you can always take part in the Century City parkrun.


For the entertainment

For a mall with more than retail stores, Canal Walk can offer you an outdoor go-karting experience, games at the Wonderland game centre or a move experience at the Scene Xtreme Nu Metro cinema.

Throughout the year, Canal Walk almost always has something happening in terms of events. Exhibitions, children’s corners, activations, meet and greets, family-friendly shows and fashion events. So, keep an eye out on Canal Walk shopping centre’s “What’s on” page for the latest in entertainment and store offers.  


For the food

Canal Walk has the standard food court as most malls do… except, there’s more on offer. There is a large seating area for takeout restaurants and multiple screens with live sport and entertainment for you to enjoy while you eat. The food court is also in the centre of the mall where the main events and expos happen in the centre court so you’ll almost always have something to keep you entertained while you eat.

And there’s the fact that there are even more restaurants scattered throughout the mall for your peckish convenience. Very often we will work up an appetite from walking, trying on clothes and carrying around shopping bags. But it’s not very often that you’ll find a mall with food places every few hundred metres.

There are so many food vendors and restaurants in Canal Walk that serve quality meals and can cater for your on-the-go snack and caffeine fix. And it makes more of a difference than you may think.


For the trading hours

The problem we have with most malls are their trading hours. For a mall to close at seven o'clock in the evening, it doesn’t allow working people the opportunity to browse and take their time while shopping (if they even make it to the mall in time).

But at Canal Walk, they’ve extended their trading hours from nine in the morning to nine in the evening every single day of the week. This gives you plenty of time to stroll through the mall after work or fit in last minute present-shopping for the next day. You don’t need to save your mall days for the weekends anymore, those can be spent doing whatever it is you like to do on the weekends. Although, Canal Walk really isn’t a bad way to spend any day.  


For the Century City development

Another reason why you’d want to visit Canal Walk is for the Century City mixed-use development area that it’s a part of. Paintball, Intaka Island, Galileo open-air cinema, natural goods and night markets, and an art trail are just a few activities waiting for you in Century City. There are so many things to do in the Century City development and Canal Walk (and all its offerings) are just one part it all.

Canal Walk shopping mall - Cape Town